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Love and Wedding for Borislava and Antoine

Interview in French

What is the definition of love? Find love, looking for love, give love, love, all this is combined in our lives but who really knows what is the meaning of LOVE? One of the best definitions is given by the Russian woman in St. Petersburg Owner of the US Matchmaking Agency A Foreign Affair, which you can listen on Netflix documentary LOVE ME at the end of the film. Love, she says, is when one is ready to give his life for the beloved one. Love, she says with tears running down her face, everyone will not necessarily have the chance to find love in his life. Rarely has a testimony touched me so much. I'll try to give my own definition of love, which is ultimately the heart of our mission of our dating agency in Montreal.

Love is a quest that can sometimes be long

Magical thinking that comes with the discovery of profiles of Russian women on our dating site can have disastrous effects. Sometimes I hear things like: "Love for me is Olga, she's beautiful, she has breasts that I like." Love has nothing much to do with a profile and we have already discussed in a previous video. Love is more like a long and difficult path that will lead you to one who will understand you and that time will stop. Love is a work like building a house, brick by brick, slowly. We must be patient to meet a sincere and true love.

Definition of Love is different for each person

Our definition of love is unique to each of us. My definition of love is not the same as yours as it depends of my personal history and my genetic background. This is why it can seem sometimes so difficult to find the right person for us. Physical beauty of Slavic women from Russia and elsewhere has little or no importance in the equation. Chemistry will operate when you go find the woman who is able to offer specific love you need. One can easily make the analogy with plants or trees. Some need more or less sun, more or less water, limestone or clay soil. For you it's the same, you need to find your better half will complete you.

Live without love is to live in search of meaning.

When looking for love, we seek meaning in our life. Love will define and bring me a justification for my existence. Aged people will tell us. In the end, what remains is love. Money, material possessions, all this disappears but not love. It is as if the invisible love was real material consistency. When I am without love, I do not really know who I am. My life is empty.

Love is a security

In his interview in the documentary Love Me, Irina director of foreign affair dating agency says that love is when you are ready to give your personal life for the one you love. This means that this beloved one by your side has become a part of me. Imagine what can happen when you become a couple in love, twice as strong, twice as smart, twice what you already are. The possibilities multiply. The world opens to a possibility of infinity.