Russian & Ukrainian Women in Richmond

Russian and Ukrainian women in Richmond are certainly more numerous than you might think.

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Russian women in Richmond are certainly more numerous than you might think. If you are familiar with the city center you probably meet them every day without paying attention. They are always well dressed, polite, and very beautiful, so it's hard to miss them. But by the way, how is the integration of women from Russia, Ukraine, Moldavia or Belarus going in Canada? One thing is certain, if they arrive alone in Canada, they will not take long to pair up with a Canadian man. In the first video, we present 3 Slavic women from Russia and Belarus who talk about the differences between the cultures of their respective countries and the Canadian way. Very interesting!


Russian immigrant women: Natalia from Moscow, Halina from Minsk in Belarus and Olga from Vladivostok in Russia 

The most amazing thing is that even though they live in an ultra-feminist environment in Canada, these three beautiful young Russian-speaking women have kept strong family values. Work should never be the main value of a Slavic woman. Nothing can compare with the happiness of family life and seeing your children grow up, Olga thinks. How many times have we received calls to CQMI from Canadian men who want to meet a Russian, Ukrainian or Slavic woman who already lives in Richmond. The goal is of course to avoid a trip to the Slavic countries and to contribute to a sponsorship process, which seems too long and risky to them. However, isn't going to meet your future wife in her Slavic country a clear proof of your interest for the country she comes from? It is true that Russian women are very beautiful and elegant women who know how to dress elegantly in all circumstances, but this is not the only one of their many qualities. Have you noticed their calmness, gentleness and respect for mankind? Don't you think that your life would be happier with a Slavic woman who looks after you and makes you feel good?

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Are you still hesitating to buy your plane ticket to Kiev in Ukraine or Saint Petersburg in Russia to meet the most beautiful Russian women in the world? It's because you probably didn't listen to the video report about our 3 beautiful young women from the East. Olga explains that Canadian men are better groomed than Russian men. They noticed that you dress better with more taste and style than men in Russia and Belarus. Canadian men do more sports and are careful about their weight so as not to have extra kilos. Did you know for example that the life expectancy of men in Russia is almost 20 years shorter than that of men in Canada? So you have a unique chance to make a difference with your physical shape and your beautiful appearance. Slavic women in general will look for a man who will be reliable and definitely ready to start a family in a model with traditional roles in which the man has a role of head of the family capable of providing for his family.

Valeria 25 years old from Kyiv


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