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Interview in English

In this video, we present you an initial interview in Kiev in October with this lovely Ukrainian girl, Anna, registered in our own international dating agency in Kiev. You will see its dynamism and its assurance. Anna seeks love with the CQMI. She looks for a mature man, older than she, who will not get tired of her after a few encounters.

Anna comes from Borispol in Ukraine, close to the airport. She speaks English very well because of her willingness to travel and discover new horizons.

Russian girl Meet a Canadian man

She would like to discover Canada and meet a Canadian man even if he lives far away in the countryside. Anna is sporty, she loves strong emotions as you can see on her pictures. In this it differs from the traditional Slavic women who are more attached to the house and the home. Anna is not afraid to discover the world, she has challenged us with her youth of mind and heart.

In love, she definitely seeks an older man and a man who is not Ukrainian because men in Ukraine are like the wind, they volatile, she said with humor. A man older than she who will not get tired of her after a few months.

And you would like to meet Anna and her beautiful youthfulness. A Ukrainian girl to marry. Watch out for differences in age in the couple with your Ukrainian girl.

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