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A city tour of Kiev: Capital of the most beautiful Women in the World (EN subtitles)

Interview in Russian with English subtitles

Kiev, the capital of Ukraine is a very modern city of 4 million inhabitants but also the capital of the most beautiful women in the world, while keeping its traditions of cultural and religious capital. The director of the matrimonial agency of international meetings in Kiev spoke to us about the creation of her agency, as well as the process of meeting foreign men with women in Ukraine.

Ukrainian Women place family in the first position

Ukrainian women talk about the family as a place of comfort to which we can always turn in case of need for help and support. With regard to the distribution of the role of men and women, these women of great beauty explain to us that man must ensure the safety of the family and the woman has the responsibility of raising the children.

Anna, Slavic girl wants to feel weak beside a strong man

Anna is a Ukrainian girl of great beauty and strength of character but she would like to feel weak beside a strong man. The woman in Ukraine is responsible for the comfort and warmth of the house. Katia, our beautiful fair-haired girl from Donetsk explains that some women sometimes think they are looking for a man for financial support, it is a mistake she says, because a woman must look for a man to inspire her with professional success and support her Conquests. When the Slavic woman stands firm alongside her husband, the latter can reach summits. Anna traveled to America but this Ukrainian girl noticed that parents in the USA do not raise their children, they instead entrust them to early childhood center educators. This is a shame because Western women prefer to dedicate themselves to their professional careers rather than the education of their own children. In Ukraine this is not how it goes!

Matrimonial Agency in Kiev explain the creation of her dating services

The director of our matrimonial agency specializing in meeting foreign men and Ukrainian women is enriching because she explains that her dating agency was created more than ten years ago as a result of the request of certain foreign clients renting apartments In Kiev and who were astonished, amazed, about the beauty of women in Ukraine. Thus, was founded this marriage agency which has succeeded well in Ukraine. She explains that in antiquity the Russian and Ukrainian Princes preferred to give their most beautiful daughters to foreigners. In this case why not create an international marriage agency?

Translator Valerya explains how the meetings between unmarried women in Ukraine and foreign men happen. The difficulty of this work is to translate feelings in love between a woman in Ukraine and a foreign man. We must feel men and women. We have to translate minds and mindsets. German men are sometimes too direct with Ukrainian girls and they ask about sexual relations at the first meeting with a Ukrainian young woman. The theme of sex is a taboo theme at the start of the encounter. The role of the translator is to give advice to foreign men who want to seduce these beautiful young Slavic women.

A particularly touching memory of the director Olga, was the creation of a couple with a French man. A beautiful young Ukrainian woman of 37 years has come to her matrimonial agency to offer a holiday gift on the day of her party. Listen to the video to know the end of this story ...

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