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Russian girl Jana wants to meet an older man

Interview in English

What is so special about Slavic women? Emancipation could have spread all over the world, but Russian women remain faithful to the traditional views of male and female roles in a relationship. Notably Jana, a young and beautiful Russian girl from Samara, prefers to look for a more mature and older man.

The man must be the head of the family according to the proverb in Samara

Her man must be stronger than she is, for the Russian women of Samara have already explained to us that they prefer to feel weak at the side of a stone wall represented by man. This is an old Russian proverb. The man must make decisions in the family. Jana explains with gestures that the man represents the head and the woman represents the neck. Why the Russian woman represents the neck because the Russian woman by her wisdom, directs the head in the right direction by giving advice.

Children first and then career after

Even though Jana is a very beautiful Russian woman from Samara, she explains that for her children are the most important, not the work or career or show business she has ever dreamed but family values ​​and children. Man must teach his son how to be a real man, a businessman. Jana dreams of meeting a serious man, having her home and her children. And she would love a pool next to her house. The place does not matter, what counts is to meet a man that this Russian woman will sincerely love. Jana explains that meeting in truth is the most important thing. Then, jana is ready to come to any country with just two suitcases with her.

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Interview in English with French subtitles

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