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Beautiful women from Samara share their stories and values (EN subtitles)

Interview in Russian with English subtitles

In Samara, the most beautiful Russian women in Samara tell us about their traditional family values ​​and Russian wedding traditions. Alena and Lilia are two very beautiful Russian women from Samara who shared with us in a relaxed way their values ​​and occupations in Samara in an old restaurant of the Soviet era.

Alena, sexy part time model in Samara

Alena is a hot-blooded Russian woman who lives with her grandmother who has explained to her that she has Armenian roots, Georgia, the Caucasian mountains, in short, more than 10 different nationalities circulate in her blood. She is Very hot as you can see in the video.

Lilia wants to find an older man

Lilia explains to us that for her, the man of his dreams must be older than her, a man who has life experience. There is an expression in Russia that the Russian woman must feel beside her man like a stone wall, in the sense of the solidity of man. The Russian woman is looking for a solid man in the reliable meaning.

Alena looks for an active man who does not stay in front of the television to drink beer. She is looking for a good man because this Russian woman is not mercantile. Russian women do not appreciate their husband well enough in Russia, she explains,

the Russian woman must do everything, raise her children alone, make money, make themselves beautiful for them while men do their business and then collapse on the couch at the end of the day.

Lilia explains that she appreciates foreign men because they are more cultured, better dressed and more attentive. What do you think?

In any case, you will see beautiful Russian women attached to the family.

Lilia says family is the most important thing in life. The Russian woman takes care of the children because it is their responsibility. Alena explains that the family is a nest in which we come back to warm ...

Who would like to spend his winter evenings with these beautiful Russian women, the most beautiful of Russia because of the impatient Catherine II


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