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3 Options for your romance tour meetings in Kiev

Interview in French

From the Victory’s park in Kiev in Ukraine I will explain the 3 possible options for your travel in Kiev with CQMI Matchmaking agency. Alone without assistance, alone with our new Russian translator Nadia’s assistance or in a group with Antoine during the construction’s worker vacation from 24th July till 6th august 2016. In this new video, Nadia, Russian-French translator will explain you the secrets and art of translating and seduce in a context of dating.


The 3 options for your romance tour in Kiev in Ukraine

  • Travel alone without assistance, not recommended if you are not familiar with Russian culture and language
  • Travel alone with Nadia’s assistance (Interview of our translator in second part)
  • Travel in group during construction worker’s vacation from 24th July till 6 august in Kiev with a social event in a restaurant in Kiev with group invitation of women.

Interview with our translator French-Russian Nadia

Nadia's presentation:

Nadia made her studies at the Linguistic university of Kiev and she has a special training to assist French speaking tourists in Kiev. Nadia also worked many years on Cruising boats with French speaking tourists as a guide, translator on the Dnepr river and black sea. Nadia also organizes event in Kiev. Nadia has already been studying French language for more than 20 years. Nadia proposes to initiate French speaking men with Ukrainian traditions, culture and food.

Why french language?

Nadia’s grandmother was really in love with French’s language and she recommended her granddaughter to study in French.

Quebec in Canada, French Province

Nadia already knows that Canada is a rich country with a high quality of life, many different nationalities, and open-minded people. Nadia assisted Michel during his meeting with ladies this week in Kiev and she gives us her opinion about differences between European French speaking men (Belgium, Swiss, French) and Quebec men. After assisting Michel in his first meetings, Nadia stated:

Quebec men are more opened than men from France!

Will Quebec men use success with Ukrainian women?

Nadia is convinced that there is some perspective because Ukrainian women lost hope in their Ukrainian man who abandoned their responsibilities and who refuse to actively participate in the family nest.

An Ukrainian woman wants to find a man in a developed country with solid family values among men. However she advises men to be careful with the real actual motivations of women.

See the video with Michel before his departure to Kiev in Ukraine:


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