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Michel from Sept-Iles learned Russian for his meetings in Kiev

Interview in French

Just a few hours before the travel to Kiev, Michel explains his own particular story in our Matchmaking agency’s office in Montreal. Since 2003, when he first heard about the charm of Russian ladies, he has been dreaming of a meeting with a Slavic lady. Finally, the dream is about to become reality. If I don’t do it, nobody will do it for me! Said Michel.

1. Our mission is to help you find your life partner

Like Antoine found his wife in Ukraine, our mission is to help you find love in Ukraine. What a happiness to live close to a woman who loves you sincerely. Your efforts will be rewarded to find love.

2. Travel to Kiev with Michel from 2nd till 17th of April

As you will be watching this video, Michel and myself will be in the plane. As soon as Sunday, meetings will start.

3. You need to travel to find love.

If your intention is to write letters without informing women about your trip to Kiev, then you may have some big disappointment. We are not an online dating site in which you only exchange letters. The purpose of writing is to prepare your travel to actually meet women.

4. Prepare your trip

The meeting before the travel is a special moment to provide the latest advice, for example not to use Facebook or any social media during your trip as women are checking all your activities online.

5. If you live in the country in Canada

It is wrong to think that Eastern European women are not interested in a life in the country. What do you think is more interesting between a life in Kiev’s suburb or a little cottage in Canada in the forest close to a lake?

6. Michel gives a testimonial before the travel:

Nervous a little but confident before the travel. Michel is very satisfied with the quality of service he received before his travel.

6a. Discovery of Eastern Russian women

In 2003, as he was in a training in Montreal, Michel receives a personal computer and start to search over the internet and find articles about Russian women and Slavic women. He starts to dig up about mentality of women in Eastern Europe. Michel is really attracted by these inaccessible women who are registered on dating sites outside of Quebec, in US or Europe. Yes, they are pretty and beautiful but you need a certain level of trust before you sign a contract with one of these matchmaking agencies to meet Russian women. At that time Michel is in a divorce process. He comes back to Sept-Iles and meet a Quebec woman which leads to a relationship with up and down.

One year ago, in front his TV, Michel see the TV program on Radio-Canada, with Jean-Luc Montgrain who invited Antoine Monnier from CQMI Matchmaking agency. Then Michel hears again about these Russian women with traditional values. Then Michel waited 7 months before calling the CQMI to start the process. In February, Michel says to himself:

“Michel if you don’t do it, nobody will do it for you”

6b. Michel’s description

Michel lives in Sept-Iles on the Northern Coast of Quebec and work for Hydro Quebec for big electrical centers. Michel locates problems and help fixing them. He thinks it is much easier to meet a woman in big cities rather than small ones. Of course there are women in Sept-Iles but nobody goes out for a drink. “The process to meet a woman in your Matchmaking company is much easier than in Sept-Iles, he said”. Michel advises all men in Quebec to try the CQMI process. He has a friend in Germany who has a mentality far different from the mentality of women in Quebec.

See you in Kiev for the next episode!


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