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Finding your wife in Ukraine or Russia is an opportunity instead of a constraint

Interview in French (english automatic subtitles in You tube)

You have been single since a while and you have been an important number of men to comment the latest video about online dating websites and scams associated which exist in numerous Russian or Ukrainian wedding agencies in Russia or Ukraine. You have been a few people to call me and ask why so few single and pretty women register on online dating website in Quebec and elsewhere.

In the first part of this video, the director of CQMI Matchmaking agency shares with you some comments received while receiving calls at the office of our wedding agency:

  1.        Dates for next trips in Ukraine which should occur on a regular basis every two months. The next trip is scheduled to occur from the 1st till 17th of April 2016 and next one beginning of June.
  2.        Price for Plane tickets to Ukraine can be as low as 650$ roundtrip to Kiev, Ukraine. Your Ukrainian wife is closer than ever.
  3.        Questions about immigration of your future Ukrainian bride are discussed with our lawyer specialist in immigration
  4.        Discussion about our Package list price and the removal of the 10$ letter option because too many problems occurred with that system in the past while men are not satisfied with the letter they receive.
  5.        Improvement of our online dating website for mobile phones, to help you write your letters to Ukrainian and Russian women.

In the second part of this video we review together the results of the poll about Ukrainian and Russian women videos with Interviews of our pretty young eastern European brides:

  1.        You have been 86% to say that the videos of our ukrainian ladies are interesting and we are grateful to you
  2.        You have been asking about subtitles in French and English (which are available online in You Tube on the bottom right side of the video, automatic translation in French and English can be activated)
  3.        You asked us to ask women how they think they will find a job in Europe or Canada if they don’t speak the language.
  4.        You want to avoid Princess at all cost and you want to know if these pretty beautiful blondes and brunettes’ Russian brides are ready to make sacrifices when they arrive in Canada or Europe.
  5.        What is the problem with Ukrainian men and how come these pretty and beautiful Russian ladies are single in Russia or Ukraine?
  6.        What is the regular salary in Ukraine because you want to know if you need to cover all expenses?
  7.        You obviously like when we ask provocative questions to these Ukrainian women in search for a man or for a country?

Thank you for your good words and support and remember that Meeting your future wife in Ukraine or Russia is an opportunity instead of a constraint like I explained you at the end of the video when I discussed with this divorced man who travelled to Asia and Africa and who has just divorced with his ex-African wife. This man wants to develop a new relation with a single Ukrainian lady because he thinks that the culture in Ukraine is more similar with his than with African’s culture.