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Margarita : Jewish Russian girl from Almaty in Kazakhstan (EN subtitles)

Interview in Russian with English subtitles

Margarita exhibit so much energy, she is a beautiful Jewish girl from Kazakhstan. Confident and feminine at the same time, she will leave no man indifferent or insensitive to her charms. Of Russian, Jewish and Kazakh origin, she perfectly embodies the multiculturalism and beauty of the women of Kazakhstan.

Like the clear majority of women in Kazakhstan she is looking for a man for marriage.

"Please, may he be older than me!" she says. Indeed, for her according to her vision of the couple, an older man knows what he wants, he is more mature to understand the meaning of the family. As a rule, women in Kazakhstan prefer mature men.

In relation, she explains that she is a calm person and it is important not to interrupt a man when he speaks. Overall though she has warm blood and explosive emotions, she is deeply a good person.

The most important for a serious and healthy relationship between a man and a woman is loyalty.

Without fidelity, the relationship can go nowhere. She promises never to betray and deceive her husband. The family is the most important because she is the example of her parents. Margarita has a little boy and she blesses the sky to have her family at her side to help her.

The man and woman in Kazakhstan as his own parents are always together and help each other and live in harmony and complementarity.

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