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Alina is a religious Ukrainian Girl in search for Marriage

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In November 2015, we met this girl in Ukraine, Alina who explained her simplicity, her taste for nature and swimming. She believes in God and go to the Orthodox Church, she wants to found a family based on traditional values ​​while keeping a rewarding job. She gives you a seductive advice for your dates!

Alina carries a cross, religion is important to her and she insists that the Orthodox and Catholic religion are not so different. Alina has a special taste for nature, she likes to spend her family weekends in her dacha which is close to a lake in the suburbs of Kiev, and she appreciates the BBQ!

Alina regrets not having a brother and sister and she feels it, she would like to found a strong family with a man who is a leader. She is looking for a man who will make decisions and assume them.

The woman is the neck that directs the direction of the eye in the couple. It is a well-known proverb in the Slavic countries about the respective roles of man and woman.

Finally, she confesses to be shy and she expects that it is the man who takes the first steps in seduction.

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