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A Christian Orthodox Ukrainian Woman looking for a Serious Relationship: Tatiana

Interview in English

We met Tatiana, this young Ukrainian Christian woman looking for a reliable and solid man in our international marriage agency in Kiev, capital of Ukraine. This beautiful Slavic Orthodox woman told us about her vision of the couple, responsibility, lifestyle, children and many other interesting things. Of course, she shares her vision of marriage.

This young woman from Eastern Europe is above all sociable, kind and optimistic.

Tatiana seeks a man who will have the same vision of life as her. This man who will be her future husband must be responsible, trustworthy and affectionate. For the Slavic woman in general the family is at the center of the universe and Tatiana is no exception to the rule. His man must be at the head of the family and represent authority while his beautiful Slavic wife must be his friend and muse.

As a believing and religious woman, Tatiana thinks that the woman was created to marry and raise children.

The woman in Ukraine takes care of her children herself. She also wants the father to take an active part in the education of the children. The woman in Ukraine tries to set an example for her children, just as the father must be active and conquering.

Tatiana likes Western culture, she thinks that Canadian men are better educated and organized than men in Ukraine. This young Ukrainian woman, if she immigrates to Canada, would like to find a job, as she holds a master's degree.

For men who watch this video it is important to understand that these Russian or Ukrainian women from our international marriage agency want to marry a serious man but also be realized professionally.

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