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About 3 Slavic Women living in Montreal (Interview with EN subtitles)

Interview in French (English subtitled)

What is so special when it comes to Slavic women? We met three young women from Eastern Europe who live in Montreal. We asked them to talk about their values, their vision of the couple, the relationships between men and women, and their vision of love.

  • Natalia is from Moscow in Russia and lives in Montreal since 1998. This beautiful Russian woman speaks English, French, Russian and Spanish.
  • Halina is 28 years old and comes from Minsk in Belarus and speaks English, French, Russian and Belarusian. This young Belarusian woman lives in Montreal since 2009.
  • Olga is a young Russian woman from Vladivostok in Russia, aged 33, living in Canada since 2008 and working as a teacher. Olga lives in Montreal, she is Russian and she is happy! She explains.
  • Life in Montreal for Russian-speaking women:

For Natalia, it's freedom, everyone is very polite, all cultures mix well together. She feels very comfortable as a Russian woman in Montreal. Olga hopes to be a pleasant woman as a friend and easygoing. Natalia is also an easygoing woman, she can adapt in any circumstance. Natalia is a Slavic woman who works with different cultures and nationalities. See other Eastern European women in our database.

What are the values ​​of Russian women in Montreal?

For Olga, the family is the most important thing, far more than a professional career. She only works for economic reasons, she says. If Olga has a choice to make between ls outings in town or family, as a slave woman she will always prefer to stay at home with family.

What gesture like to make these Slavic women for loved ones?

Natalia listens to her man, she tries to please him.

What kind of man for a Russian woman who lives in Montreal?

Olga explains that she always looks at how the man behaves with the children to know if he is a man of heart.

Halina prefers a man over him and intelligent. I ask any question and I would like him to know the answers she explains with humor. Natalia also prefers men who know what they want in life and who have ambitions. Natalia explains that men in Russia or in Eastern Europe must be gallant, for example by opening the door or giving the coat. Natalia explains that small gestures have great significance for her as a Russian woman living in Montreal.

What do Slavic women in Montreal think of men in Quebec?

Olga thinks men in Quebec pay more attention to their appearance and fitness. This beautiful Russian woman finds the men of Quebec more beautiful than in Russia. Men are also more respectful and do not approach them on the street.

What gestures do Slavic women like to do for the person they love?

Halina thinks it's important for a man to come back to a comfortable home after work.

Natalia thinks that it is enough to make small gestures, for example messages of love on the phone, small calls, according to the Russian saying: "these are the little things that create a great thing"

Attention russian women do not only search for money !



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