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Irina is the direct kind of Ukrainian woman

interview in English

We really liked the directness of Irina who does not hesitate to say what she thinks. The meeting began with a huge misunderstanding about her profession since I wrongly understood that she exports cement when in fact Irina works in maritime recruitment of staff for a great boss who lives in America but is originally from Odessa. The misunderstanding came from a word play around "Sea man" in English and cement word that is pronounced the same way. This misunderstanding has had the merit of giving us all the chance to have a good laugh to lighten the mood. Irina is a very nice woman because she is genuine, she does not play the role of someone else. She also had the merit of being frank when we addressed the issue of money. Even more surprising when she talked about the way in which some dating agencies write letters instead of women who actually enrolled in the dating agency.


Irina looks completely relaxed.

We feel that this beautiful blonde woman of 43 years is proud of her adolescent son of 13 and practicing the Judo. Slavic women in general are very protective of their children and Irina is no exception to the rule. Irina has been doing yoga for 3 months and she was formerly dancing the Latin American dance. Moreover, we feel that Irina is a very sensual slavic woman comfortable in her body and her movements, which is confirmed by her interest in yoga and how to balance body and mind.

Why did Irina enrolled in CQMI dating agency?

6 years ago Irina divorced after being married for 13 years. So naturally Irina is looking for love and she enrolled in our dating agency. Irina has removed her candidacy from all other marriage agencies. Indeed Irina believes that other agencies do not work seriously because there is a lady who communicates instead of Ukrainian girls enrolled in the agency. Irina learned that some marriage agencies are working dishonestly because she wanted herself to create her own marriage agency in Ukraine.

The type of man that Irina research (not a woman): chemistry!

In her case Irina trusts her heart. For her, it is the feelings that are indicators. It is therefore impossible for her to describe the man of her dreams, it will simply be a man (not a woman as she says humorously) with whom she will feel a chemistry. At my age she says I have everything I need and so this is why chemistry with a man is so important. When I asked her definition of chemistry, she indicates that it is the smell. We thus find the theory dear to Yvon Dallaire on the indisputable power of pheromones in your partner. This is why Skype can not replace the real meeting. The chemistry is when the body, mind and soul feel comfortable with another person. Irina says that it's not perfume but odors that are important confirming the pheromone theory.

Ukrainian women and money, meet a rich man?

Remember the Video: Is your salary important?

When I asked her about the money, irina was direct with me. Of course it is important for a woman whether her man is able or not able to make a living. And we thank her for her honesty! A man must be able to meet the needs and prosperity of his family. In her case, Irina is not to have more children but if we take the example of a young Ukrainian girl who wants to have children with a Western man, that man must be able to meet the child's needs and family.

In her case Irina has a very good salary much like we saw with Marina in a video.

Immigration to Canada

After our review article on the integration of Diana in Quebec, we learn in this video that Irina makes visa workers for the Ukrainian sailors who want to work in Canada. Irina is making work permits for Europe, the USA, Canada, etc.


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