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Tatiana Ukrainian bride who does not really want children

Interview in English and Rusian

Following an important number of emails and questions from CQMI potential candidates in France, this video helps you make your decision to enroll in CQMI international dating agency to find love in Ukraine. The vast majority of issues revolves around the issue of different marriage agencies in France, proximity of the marriage agency services, money matters with the euro and the Canadian dollar, immigration issues in France for your Ukrainian bride and a certain inferiority complex of men in France who think twist that women will prefer Canada to France. Tatiana in the first part of the video is an adherent from our Poltava’s partner, explains that ultimately she does not especially wish to have children.

Tatiana, a 35 years old Ukrainian bride from Poltava of a rare beauty

Tatiana gave us the impression of being embarrassed for this interesting interview in Poltava in April 2016. Tatiana has always lived in Poltava and she talks about the economic situation in Ukraine, her friends who immigrated to Canada, her vision of the Family. Generally, she does not really want to have children even if she has a very good relationship with the children. Above all it is important for Tatiana to meet a man who will respect her and will listen to her opinion. Her description of men in Ukraine is actually unappealing to a Ukrainian woman looking for a serious relationship.




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