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Sylvain's testimony, CQMI's customer from Sherbrooke in the Eastern Townships

Interview in French

Sylvain is direct, sincerely convinced of the goodness of Ukrainian women. Sylvain is characterized by a good heart and good feelings. He is looking for a strong relationship based on traditional family values. Sylvain has made all remote communication procedures on his cell phone. After several months of remote communication not always conclusive, he decided to travel to Ukraine to make real meetings with beautiful Ukrainian ladies. Several of them caught his attention. Sylvain speaks of a memorable trip to Ukraine that has already changed his life profoundly.

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Why would a CQMI customer testify in front of the camera ?

In this video I witness several questions

  • The video testimony, is purely a marketing move?
  • What motivates customers to testimony?
  • What is the mission of Matchmaking service CQMI?
  • The testimony by video, is it really an act of courage?

After careful consideration, I think it is not necessarily an act of courage but rather a spontaneous and natural act for clients who are in perfect harmony with their decision to meet a woman in Ukraine. They are sincere people who have come to a conclusion and have a sincere belief that they wish to share with our listeners. The CQMI dating agency customers are simple and unpretentious people who want to make their own contribution to the overall mission of the CQMI dating agency.

One mistake to avoid when traveling to Ukraine to meet women:

One of our clients, rich and famous, to confirm the video with Irina Poltava on the salary issue, told me the following sentence on the phone:

"Anthony, I came to Ukraine to look for something more than what I have in Québec"

This assertion has several shortcomings:

  • I came to get something or I came to meet my future spouse?
  • You do not come to Ukraine to meet with something better. It is no comparison. We come to Ukraine to meet a woman who has a different vision of the family and the couple.

The mission of CQMI is to form long and lasting relationship based on traditional torque values. Testifying for CQMI you bring your own stone to the building under construction. By testifying you demonstrate your alignment between your actions and your deep thoughts without being ashamed.




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