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Romantic tour in KIEV with CQMI Matchmaking: Maxime tells about his experience

Interview in French (English subtitled)

What could be better than discovering a new city, a new culture, a new country and meeting the most beautiful women of Kiev at the same time? Maxime could combine usefulness with pleasure during his stay in Ukraine in June 2015. Our client Maxime traveled to Kiev accompanied by the director of the CQMI Antoine Monnier. And we filmed Maxime between his encounters with the most beautiful women of Kiev.

In his testimony, Maxime addresses several themes that are dear to our man adherents who seeks a serious woman, including:

1. his opinion as to the organization of his trip, the journey itself by plane which went very well via Frankfort in Germany.

2. The quality of its apartment in Kiev and the ease of getting all necessary services nearby, telephone, shopping, walking distance to the partner specialized in international meetings on Maiden Square.

3. the service of the matrimonial agency -partner: the quality of the reception and the organization of the meetings that count a lot in the satisfaction of the trip. Indeed, nothing more pleasant than to have serious meetings with pretty young women that take place according to a well-studied agenda

4. Meetings with the most beautiful women in the world! Maxime was surprised by the beauty of the women, everywhere, even in the street, they are dressed like princesses in heel and dress. Maxime was surprised by the quality of their level in English which was sometimes superior to his own level. The women are polite, amiable, and courteous.

In the end, when we filmed Maxime, he had so many choices between the most beautiful women to make interesting encounters, for him it became difficult to make a choice and how to orient his choice that will bring a Serious relationship for marriage.

See Maxime's article on the Journal de Montréal



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