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A Russian bride with or without a child ?

Interview in English avec sous-titres français

The big question you have all asked yourself at least once. You see the profile of a Russian or Ukrainian bride who attracts you terribly and then consulting her profile you notice she has a child. What should I do? Should I choose her or not? This is where begins the lion's syndrome, a concept that we explain in this video from a psychological aspect. Concerning Alena, our beautiful single Ukrainian lady interviewed this week, she is 46 years old and she has 2 children who are already married. In his case, if she meets a man in Canada or in France, she would go alone without her adult children.

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Should you choose a Slavic woman with or without children?

Many men are reluctant to engage a discussion with a woman who has a child. To explain this phenomenon, we introduce the concept of the lion’s syndrome. The dominant male lion is surrounded by a group of females with which he mates to ensure its offspring. When the dominant male is attacked by a male who wants to replace him, and he loses the fight, his successor starts with removing all the offspring of its predecessor. The new male wants to ensure his offspring.

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When I met my wife Borislava we had instant compatibility which led to an immediate mutual understanding. Then I discovered Borislava's daughter with whom I developped affection. Our relationship has been enriched by the presence of the daughter of Borislava. As humans we have the ability to behave with our 3 brains. (Reptilian brain, limbic system and cortex) This allows us to get over our instincts of our reptilian and limbic brains.

It would be a shame not destroy our own possible happiness in a relationship because of our instincts. Don't you think so ?

Alena profile of Kiev in Ukraine