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David is part of the extensive list of male immigrants who arrive in Canada under the skilled worker program. We have already mentioned that the male population in Canada now exceeds that of women, in particular because it is mostly men who immigrate. David represents the Hispanic branch very present in Quebec, native from Peru in South America. Being alone in Canada, it is difficult to adapt to a completely different mentality of yours and after studying the customs and cultures, David decided to move towards a woman of Slavic countries. Last year it is therefore logical that David found the Quebec Centre for International Wedding online. Over time and after watching videos of the dating agency, David has decided to register to finally make the trip to Kiev in October 2016. The CQMI Matchmaking agency will thus allow a Peruvian man to meet a Ukrainian woman , making the junction between continents, peoples and cultures, the heart of the mission of our agency.

Why the countries of Eastern Europe and not Peru?

Arriving in Canada, David says they encountered different cultures and this was especially the opportunity to experience the culture of the countries of Eastern Europe that best resembles him. These are exactly the values ​​conveyed by the Ukrainian women that David wanted to see in his life.

How was the matchmaking experience with CQMI?

David is a serious and rigorous client who asked many questions and listened to the advice carefully. All doubts were dispelled after asking his important issues. David understands that every woman has a different personality. Furthermore, David feels happy because he met a woman who makes a good complement with him.

A Spanish-speaking assistant

The assistant who speaks Spanish was very helpful as he could say exactly what he meant and he was able to understand exactly what the Ukrainian bride thinks in front of him. Moreover, David said that all Ukrainian women he met did not always speak proper English.

The group and the hotel

David has only positive words to talk about his trip to Ukraine and experience within the group. As our only representative from South America, he managed to integrate and share his experience while enjoying the quality of the hotel. Although David was lost in Kiev with a taxi, he kept his composure to eventually find his lovely Slavic lady downtown Kiev. He had the chance to meet people who speak Spanish in the street. He changed the taxi to the subway and he eventually reach his destination.

Finally David spoke in Spanish and encourages Hispanic men to enroll in International Marriages Quebecers Centre. Our dating agency presents a good option for men who want to meet the love of one relationship to live all his life with one woman rather than waste his time with one-night stands.


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