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Our Super assistants unite the hearts in Ukraine

Interview in French

Nadia and Natalia are delighted to work with the international CQMI dating agency that brings together the hearts and destinies. Nadia is the most experienced of our assistants and she speaks of her client as a person worthy of respect, intelligent and who wants his future Ukrainian partner to share his opinions and that she can integrate into Canadian society. Natalia was very much impressed how well her client prepared his questions before interviews. Nadia understands the fears of people traveling across an ocean and who undertake the perilous experience of a trip abroad. Nadia thinks it takes courage.

In addition, our assistant noticed that expectations and reality do not always match.

In a real interview the customer sees the gestures and facial expressions of the girl and that does not always correspond with the idea that he had remotely. Nadia thinks she was lucky because she has not encountered any difficulty. The subject that Nadia would like to develop is the importance of the presence of an assistant. The job of an assistant is to adapt the presence of a foreign man in Ukrainian reality. Ukrainian reality is in fact totally different from the reality of Western countries and the role of the assistant is to assist and help to make this clear shift. Change money, phone card, places to walk, are the elements to take over from the beginning. The presence of an assistant is neutral but effective. Some women are very open and immediately show interest. The assistant sees if the interest is natural or artificial.

Natalia an assistant who helps unite hearts from Canada and Ukraine

Natalia begins by stating that all assistant workers know each other as they all work in the same French school. Translation in the CQMI dating agency is more interesting than translating like a robot for this beautiful young Ukrainian woman. Her client actually came to look for a Ukrainian woman with whom he will live, not for fun. Natalia has been open to all forms of support. What struck Natalia is the way in which her client has thought through the questions he would ask. Natalia brought clarification on issues translate reminding his client any aspect.

Nadia and her second client, a very serious customer

This second client had a clear idea of ​​what he wanted from an Ukrainian women. This man understood that he will live with this woman. After each meeting Nadia and his client was a debriefing by the desire of his client to visualize what happened. Debriefings could last one hour after each meeting. Nadia think a man needs to have the opinion of a woman. An issue that the customer often asked was: Why as a Ukrainian woman have you decided to go to live and work and get married in another country?

Nadia lives in Ukraine, implying that she is fully aware of the political situation in Ukraine and as a result she better understands the views of women and will be able to explain it to her client. Debriefing meetings were held at the hotel in which her client is staying. Nadia has a lot of tact and always asked the opinion of her client before giving her own opinion. She never tried to influence the choice of her client. Her client was very surprised that a woman wanted to leave his country. Ukrainian women love their country but they simply do not see a future for their offspring in Ukraine.