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Elena an Ukrainian girl who wants to have 3 children

Interview in English avec sous-titres français

Elena is a young Ukrainian girl who wants to have three children. Most interestingly she looks like a sunshine. We met in a park in the center of Kiev during our first week in Ukraine with our group of CQMI dating agency clients. Rarely have there been as much sincerity and good humor in one person. Elena radiates happiness and understanding. She says we want to create a family in which she will feel a strong woman.

Elena talks about the different roles between man and woman in a relationship

 In the family it is the man who represents the foundation and strength while the woman is the house, flowers and beauty. Elena, unlike revenge feminist women, reminds us of the difference of gender roles in marriage. The man has the role of head of the family because he has to support and provide for his family. Of course, for Elena, the family cannot exists without children, she wants to have 3 children !

Elena talks about the physical differences between Russian women and Ukrainian women

The Russian woman has a clearer complexion with blue eyes and blond hair while Ukrainian women are darker with brown eyes and black hair or brown. Regarding the mentality, she explains that they are Slavic women from Eastern Europe with the same vision of the family. She reminds us that there are lots of beautiful single Russian and Ukrainian women who want to create a family.

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Next romantic trip to Kiev in October 2016

Antoine reminds you of the major changes in the next edition of the CQMI romance tour taking place in the hotel, rather than an apartment. This way we will focus on client’s times constraint in order to maximize the time factor of your romantic trip to Ukraine. Besides installing all CQMI customers in the same hotel we will improve the organization of the event as well as logistics.


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