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Irina, a young attractive Ukrainian lawyer

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Irina enrolled in CQMI international dating agency for its seriousness, she is not interested in a fickle relationship with no future. The family for her is sacred and she feels distraught to see her daughter in search for a father who is not present, who lives on the other side of Ukraine. Irina is responsible for her choices that will have an impact on her daughter she loves unconditionally. Yet it’s hard not to notice in this young woman a unique joy of living that is contagious even. Ira, diminutive for Irina has some love to spare!

Profile of Irina, a young lawyer in Kiev

Irina, a young ukrainian lawyer who lovs life

Irina turned 28 a week before her meeting with director Antoine Monnier, the CQMI dating agency. Irina is a young lawyer girl who worked in a construction company. 8 years ago, she got married, confirming that Ukrainian women marry very young. Irina has a 7-year-old girl who participates in gymnastics competitions and still ranks first. Irina divorced 4 years ago. This girl is sporty, it is oriental dancing and swimming and sometimes running when she has time.

Irina has a passion for life, she shines like the sun with her blond hair. She enjoys traveling and walking in a park.

Vision of the family

Irina primarily attributes to the family a sacred role. She is against divorce even if she was forced to divorce 4 years earlier. Irina thought that divorce only existed in movies. In the family, the wife and husband should have a close relationship and advise on all matters. Irina does not conceive the family without children and she wants to have more! She knows some Ukrainian girls who put career first but it is not her case. Irina also like the comfort of the home with a nice decoration. She would cook Ukrainian food for a man she loves. She insists that the respect and trust are essential ingredients of the family.

Why register in a marriage agency in Canada?

Irina does not want an open relationship; she seeks the family. Life is beautiful but at times it can be painful. She feels responsible for her daughter too. His daughter often asks why the other girls have a father and not her. The father of her daughter lives indeed very far from Kiev. Choosing a dating agency is the guarantee of quality and Irina does not want to mess around with a married man, for example. For Irina Canadian men are more serious than in Ukraine and relations are more respectful and healthy. In Ukraine when a man succeeds he will humiliate his wife, explains Irina.


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