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Saturday, September 10th we went to the Ukrainian Festival in Montreal to share beautiful images with you of the festival of Ukrainians in Montreal. Did you know that there is a very large Canadian Ukrainian community in Quebec and Canada? We observed dance troops that came from all parts of Canada and even from the United States. Immigrating to Canada for thousands of Ukrainians every year, is also a form of mourning, mourning for their country and family, close friends. In this context, the Ukrainian Festival in Montreal is an opportunity for thousands of Ukrainians in Quebec to celebrate their country and share all the memories of a country that is dear to them.

Program of the 2016 Ukrainian Montreal festival

In the program, Ukrainian food, borsch, pork sausages, sauerkraut and other Ukrainian Vareniki and Ukrainian beer from the city of Lvov. Ukrainian traditional dances are almost all originating from the Carpathian Mountains in the west of Ukraine.

The symbol of strong relations between Canada and Ukraine

This festival was held at the Park of Ukraine in Montreal, near an Orthodox church, St. Sophia Cathedral, is also the symbol of the strength of the Canadian-Ukrainian relations after the recent visit to Ukraine of our new Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

In 2011 Canadians of Ukrainian origin represent 4% of the population with almost 1 million and a half of Ukrainian Canadians and a Canadian government that has always historically leaned toward Ukraine and is mostly against Russian invasion of Crimea in Ukraine.

I recommend reading this interesting article from Canadian governement explaining the strength of ties between Canada and Ukraine:

Canada-Ukraine Relations 


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