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Interview in English and French

25 minutes of video interview with interesting excerpts and advice from Victoria for your romantic encounters or dates in Ukraine. Victoria introduces herself and tells us about her experiences of meeting foreign men. You must come to Ukraine with a pure heart she tells us if you want to marry a Slavic woman from Ukraine. To add in the list of our seduction tips in Ukraine.

Viktorya worked for several months on a project of the European Union in an international context and you will find like us that his English is absolutely perfect. Remember the level of education in the Slavic countries that far surpasses that of Quebec in Canada.

Moreover, She is a Slavic woman who has traveled extensively in Europe and Asia, she knows the world.

This Ukrainian woman registered in our dating agency in Kiev because she does not find men in Ukraine able to found a family with her. The men are unreliable and not very responsible in Ukraine and especially there are not enough or they are all already married.

One of the problems of scene of international encounters or international marriages comes from the fact that the men have little to be scammed which prevents them to give themselves completely in the relation. This Slavic woman had a recent experience with a man from London who was afraid of her beauty and her requirements. By dint of being afraid of getting ripped off he created his own misfortune. To get married to a beautiful woman from the countries of Eastern Europe you must have a pure heart and let yourself be called by this beautiful experience of international encounters.

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