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Russians and Ukrainians people are kind and caring

Interview in English

Alexandra is of Russian mother and Ukrainian father. She is 30 years old, lives in the city of Kharkov and she takes care especially of her child Gleb who is 1 year and a half. She works in the field of the sale of souvenirs from Italy. She found the agency dating CQMI after having had disappointments on a dating site not so serious. Indeed, the proposals she received were of a sexual nature. The discussion became particularly interesting when we discussed the differences of mentality between the Russians and the Ukrainians. Of Russian mother, Alexandra had many interesting things to explain about the culture and the Russian people ...

Trust in the couple: ingredient for the romantic relationship

For Alexandra, a fulfilling relationship begins with friendship that turns into love. On several occasions, she stresses the importance of mutual trust in the couple.

Dating site: men looking for sex rather than serious relationship

After having tried her luck at a popular meeting site, she quickly disengaged by noting that men were looking for sex partners rather than serious relationships.

A foreign man rather than a Ukrainian man

Without wanting to generalize, Alexandra gives her preference to foreign men because she finds that men in Ukraine are big egoists.

Alexandra has a Russian mother

As is the case for many Ukrainians living in Ukraine, their origins are Russian. Alexandra's mother is Russian, she came to Ukraine with her Russian parents when she was little.

Alexandra does not think there are any differences between Russia and Ukraine. In addition, eastern Ukraine is exactly the same as Russia. On the other hand, western Ukraine is more like Europe. And this explains why Ukraine is in conflict. In general, the Russian and Ukrainian people are very kind and caring people, Alexandra explains. This is a different story from the media!

Moreover, the Ukrainian and Russian peoples have the same orthodox religious base.

Alexandra visits Russia once a year. She has already been to Moscow, St. Petersburg and Ivanovo.

Ivanovo is the city of Russian girls to marry!

Ivanovo is a city in the north-east of Moscow, made up of 80% Russian women, due to its industrial legacy in the manufacture of clothing and clothes-laundry machines. It is the city of Russian brides. We show you beautiful images of the parade of the Russian brides of Ivanovo, in white wedding dresses.