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6 mistakes to avoid when dating a Russian woman

29 June 2015

Russian women are preferred by Quebec men who hope to find a woman with traditional family values. Today, there are still many Russian women who haven’t been successful in finding happiness in their homeland. These beautiful Slavic women place the success of their romantic lives above all else, and they are ready to leave their country to find a love abroad, especially in Quebec. When you start a friendly or a romantic relationship with a Russian woman, you should not overlook cultural differences between Eastern Europe and North America. To help you avoid making mistakes, engaging in a process that will only disappoint you, and flying thousands of kilometres to meet a Russian woman without knowing her expectations, the CQMI offers you some useful advice, if you really want to successfully seduce your Slavic woman.

  1. Avoid being too informal with a Russian woman, at least in the beginning

In the Russian culture, a woman needs some time to adapt to the person she met, and to see whether she can trust the person. Russian women are not accustomed to open and spontaneous relationships. They take the time to get acquainted and they build their personal relationships. Therefore, you should avoid moving quickly to a communication mode that’s too informal for a Russian woman; be patient and adapt yourself to the Russian pace.

  1. Be optimistic and self-confident when you communicate with a Slavic woman.

It’s important to know that Russian women pay attention to their appearance: clothes, make-up, hairstyle, etc. If you want to conquer the Russian woman’s heart and get a positive result of your actions, take care of yourself. Russian women hate “losers” and look for men who are realistic and practical. They adore men who have lots of personality and know what they want. Therefore, you should never choose desperate behaviour. Adopt a lifestyle that will inspire the Russian woman to be with you.

  1. Russian brides are proud of their country, traditions and history.

Though Russian women adore their country, they often criticize it; however, if you try to do the same, Russian women will vigorously defend their homeland. They feel like citizens of a great country and are proud of that. You should try to gather as many data as possible about Russian culture and traditions to have a better understanding of what people get used to call the “Slavic soul.” This will be a key factor in your future correspondence with a Russian woman.

  1. Be careful with your humour when dating Russian women. 

The fact that Russian women don’t smile much in everyday life doesn’t mean they have no sense of humour; they just don’t smile for no reason, and certainly not to strangers. You should know that each culture has its own idea of humour. Russian women also have their own sense of humour: they generally prefer witty jokes with allusive humour.

  1. Money is a taboo subject for a Russian woman.

You should never talk about money to a Russian woman, especially when it’s about a marriage agency whose services you used to meet the woman. This can let your Russian woman think you bought her, which will keep her away from you.

  1. Dating several Russian brides registered with the agency

If you ask yourself whether it’s decent to meet several women during your trip to Eastern Europe, it should be clear that the way to your destination is not short, and in this case there has to be an opportunity of some additional encounters with Russian women. Of course, it’s not a good idea to inform your favorite woman thereof. She’ll be disappointed to know she won’t be the only one and she’s just a candidate among other Russian women. Based on the experience of our partners’ successful work, we can tell you with confidence that there are numerous cases where an “additional” encounter becomes the most important one. However, if your correspondence became very affectionate and emotional, it’s better to focus just on the encounter with that special person.  

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