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Skype, the trap for remote communication ?

07 July 2016

Many men are trapped with the belief that it would be possible to start a serious relationship with Skype software without ever having done a real encounter in Kiev, Ukraine. A serious relationship cannot start without a true meeting in the real life. If some of you think they can be sure that everything is set and defined before their romantic trip to Ukraine, they are sadly mistaken. It is certainly tempting to enroll in an international dating service, choose a Russian or Ukrainian bride among thousands profiles, make some discussions with Skype and get a guarantee that you have found the right woman of your life before your trip to Ukraine. In real life, alas, it does not happen like that ...

The client of the international dating agency who becomes a remote investigator

We had a client this week who explained having decided to break a remote relationship after having made a remote investigation of the Ukrainian woman he was talking to through Skype. Without ever having met this Ukrainian woman in person, the client becomes a remote investigator. By analyzing the photos, the environment around the lady, what she said or what she wrote, the client makes a decision after several months of correspondence.

After 2 months of regular discussions with Skype, the client of the marriage agency decides to end the communication on a point of disagreement.

At first all goes well, the girl from Kiev in Ukraine accepts communication, some exchanges of letters then comes the first appointment with Skype. After a very promising start, after 2 months of regular exchanges, they decide to end the communication on a minor point of disagreement.

These two examples demonstrate the absurdity of the distance relationship with Skype, because in fact the ultimate dream is to choose its partner without ever meeting in person.

By registering in the international dating agency in Montreal, the customer man would expect to get guaranteed results before having to organize his trip to Ukraine.

 In an ideal world, enrolling in CQMI marriage agency, I would like to follow a simple and effective process of meeting without taking any risks:

  1. Registration in the dating service and profile creation with photos
  2. Choice package and payment of agency fees
  3. Choosing one or more profiles of Russian and Ukrainian women
  4. Communication by letters and Skype with one or more Slavic women
  5. final choice of our future Slavic wife from a distance
  6. Travel arrangements to (finally) meet with your future wife in Ukraine

An example to understand why Matchmaking process does not work that way…

We had last year a customer who communicated 2 times a day with his favorite girl in Ukraine over a period of 2 months before the romantic trip to Ukraine. At the first meeting in Kiev, they found in less than 5 minutes they were not compatible. What a loss of time! That effort and energy to get to that conclusion. Skype despite all its technical qualities does not get the essential component to any loving relationship: pheromones. The hormone of love !

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