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Skype Translator with your Russian bride Skype Translator with your Russian bride Skype Translator

Skype Translator to succeed your first meeting with your Russian bride from Montreal

19 March 2016 By in CQMI Blog

Our Matchmaking service which connects you with your Russian bride from Montreal will give you some precious advices for your first encounter using Skype Translator:  a very critical step toward the creation of a successful marriage with your beautiful Russian wife.

Oceans are no longer an obstacle in the creation of happy couple of men and women who live on different continent. Our matchmaking services allow men from Montreal, Canada and Europe to meet with Slavic women which would normally under regular circumstances not be possible. The first initial steps of the relation with pictures, profiles and a few letters are only appetizers compared to the first real online meeting with your beautiful Russian bride that you chose. The first real stone to start building this relationship starts with your first Skype meeting online during which you will assess her appearance, behavior, her gestures and her communication skills. In the end you will understand if you want to go further in the relationship.

CQMI Matchmaking services give you some advice on how to prepare your first Skype meeting with your Slavic lady.

Video communication has become so frequent in our modern society that it might be difficult to remember at the end of the day with whom you discussed by means of Skype, Facebook, or Viber. However, in no case you can compare those insignificant conversations at work or with friends with the first real meeting with your Russian bride. Our Matchmaking agency is making a huge effort to help you find your future wife that suits you and it would really be a waste of time and energy to fail this first important step of the relationship.

Your first serious meeting with your Russian woman will have a positive outcome only if this first encounter will give you both the desire to repeat this meeting in order to learn more about each other. At first you will have to take into consideration the time difference between Montreal and Russia or Ukraine. You have a seven (+7) hours difference between Montreal and Kiev. As a result, it is more prudent to schedule your Skype meeting on weekends to avoid the time constraint. It is also recommended to choose a quiet place with no people around. Please note that in some cases we can organize the first Skype meeting in our Matchmaking office in Montreal.

Our Matchmaking agency will give you some advices on the discussion themes for this first Skype meeting with your Russian lady.

The first Skype meeting is certainly not the right time to show off and explain to your beautiful Slavic lady how smart and intelligent you are even if your level in English or Russian allow you to do so. In this first critical moment, it is much more recommended to give a good visual impression with a nice image and surrounding. A light and easy going conversation would be our best advice. Please avoid any deep or sad subject like politics, war, immigration. Please dress accurately with a nice shirt.

Our matchmaking services also strongly advise you to read her profile and letters that you exchanged before this first Skype meeting with your favorite Russian lady. This way you can prepare in advance some interesting themes of discussion for her. If you know that she is fond of travel, please ask her where she travelled during the summer and how she liked it.

Skype Translator is the best tool to overcome the barrier language with your Russian wife.

For all of those among you who do not speak fluently in Russian, Skype Translator is the ideal solution for you. It is easy to install on your computer. We have tested it successfully in our matchmaking agency with many clients. As you speak in English your Russian bride at the other side will be able to read what you just said on her screen….in Russian! And as she speaks in Russian, Skype Translator will display a translation in English on your screen!

See on this link the procedure to install Skype Translator

Good luck for your first Skype meeting with your Russian woman and remember carefully our advices. Our Matchmaking agency is here to help you at all time!

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