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Testimony from John about our Matchmaking services Testimony from John about our Matchmaking services John Raymond

Testimony from our client John concerning our Matchmaking services at CQMI

11 March 2016


Our Matchmaking services are special, different from online dating services because we offer a traditional, human, close to people service. It is our real pleasure when we receive good feedback from clients who are satisfied. John is one of them. John is a retired active writer who manages a very interesting Google+ page online. John is presently in communication with beautiful, serious and sincere Ukrainian ladies. In his kind words below, John refers to poor quality online dating services which are most of the time scammed services. It will be the subject of our next video.


You can enjoy the post online on John's very interesting Google + page


Not all 'matching' sites are created equal.

I have met and spent time with CQMI people and they are far more than just a site. I'm impressed with them and you'll have to read up to really know more. It is for serious people who want to meet other serious people, nothing less.

I have made many mistakes in the past trying sites. I am not alone. No more mistakes.

Read all the info and listen to the videos and if you have questions, they have answers.


I was not paid for this endorsement in anyway and I am a client /member. Now you know.

p.s. You don't meet online, you meet in person, but you get acquainted via messages and video chats.

Our Matchmaking services are aimed towards serious people who are ready to commit in a serious relationship with one (yes only one!) of our beautiful Ukrainian or Russian ladies.

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