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Romance serial between businessman and Russian lady in Ukrainian Carpathian Mountains - CQMI Starmedia

Romance serial between businessman and Russian lady in Ukrainian Carpathian Mountains - CQMI

05 March 2016

Dating site CQMI allow you to meet with Russian women and Ukrainian women.

This article discusses about a recommended romance serial which takes place into the Ukrainian Carpathian Mountains touristic region at the west of Ukraine, between a businessman from Moscow and a beautiful single Russian woman.


The reasons why I recommend you to watch this romantic tour serial between a russian bride and a russian businessman:

1. It is quite important to evaluate the Ukrainian conditions of living in the country compared to what we are used to have in our modern western countries. Sometimes a beautiful Russian lady will have some doubts immigrating to Canada or France or USA in a small village or in the country. Indeed, as you can see in this romantic serial, the conditions are quite difficult in the Ukrainian small villages, without electricity or water in the house. Nothing compared with our situation.

2. As you can see in Slavic country, Russian woman are very attached to marriage and traditions. Marriage is an Institution for Slavic people. You cannot easily destroy a good and strong relationship based on married people

3. Also please note how hard the Russian businessman tries to seduce his Russian bride. He makes so much efforts to please her, offering flowers and attention at all time. This is the real way how Russian women and men relates to each other. So you must take these traditions into consideration before you travel to meet your future Russian wife.

4. Russian people from Moscow or Saint-Petersburg really enjoy to spend some vacations in this region, Ukrainian Carpathian Mountains, because it is not so expensive as Russia, it is quite cheap and very affordable, in the summer or in the winter time.

The Ukrainian Carpathians are a mountain range in the west of Ukraine.

The Ukrainian Carpathians are sometimes called the Forest Carpathians;
Their wild beauty impresses with its lush greenery;

The largest cities: Uzhhorod, Chernivtsi, Ivano-Frankivsk, Chust, Mukachev, Rachiv, Yaremche, Kolomyya, Slavské.
The largest rivers: Dnister, Tyssa, Czeremosh, Stryj, Pruth.
The most interesting architectural monuments: Boyken churches in Velykobereznjanskyj district, wine cellars in Serednje, Lemken churches, synagogue in Uzhorod, "Pysanka" museum in Kolomyja, Skit Manjawskyj in Manjawa.
The most interesting natural monuments: waterfalls Shypit, Vojevodyno, Huk, Kamjanetskyj, Skakalo; lakes Brebeneskul, Nesamowyte, Maritschejka, Synewir, Lebedyn; valley of daffodils, Dragobrat, Howerla
The most impressive caves and galleries: Druzhba Karst Cave, Molochnyi Cave, Cherlenyi Cave, Dowgorunja Cave and Cheremshina Cave, Polonyna Runa Cave.
The climate is characterized by snowy winters, followed by a changeable spring, with a warm phase, but often there are cold spells. The peaks of the Carpathians are covered with snow for 5 months a year. The warm period lasts from the end of February to the beginning of November in the valleys and from the end of April to the end of October in higher areas. The average temperature fluctuates between +18 degrees in summer and -5 degrees in winter, but in the mountainous zone it becomes much cooler (from +12 in summer to -8 in winter). Floods caused by snowmelt and rainfall are not uncommon phenomena.
Fauna: More than one third of all large carnivores still living wild in Europe - brown bears, wolves and lynxes - live here. The Transcarpathian fauna includes 440 vertebrate species, including 79 mammals, 280 birds, 53 fish, 17 amphibians and 11 reptiles. Among the mammals, brown bear, lynx, wolf and wildcat are particularly noteworthy. Of the 41 Ukrainian vertebrate species on the European Red List, 19 can be found in the Carpathians alone.
Flora: The lower Carpathian mountains are forested. The forest border varies between 1,150 m and 1,900 m. There are over 2000 species of spores and flowering plants as well as 850 species of lichen. The most common tree species, depending on altitude and soil conditions, are beech and spruce: Beech, spruce, oak, alder, ash, fir, juniper and pine.
Typical dishes: Banosch, Bogratsch (spicy kettle goulash) and Rakkott Krumpli (spicy potato gratin with Debrecziner and eggs), the Romanian Tokan (maize porridge with sheep's cheese), Borschtsch, Letscho, Palatschinten, Paprikasch, Kulescha, Holubzi (cabbage roulades), Warenyky (mouth pasta with various fillings), ...

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