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4 lessons learned with Jean who found love in Ukraine

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Each client is different and each one brings us additional expertise. Some have initiative, others are more reserved, or even shy. Jean, a native of the Eastern Townships in Quebec, is rather in the category of the cautious ones. Jean allowed us to make 4 significant learning to improve the services of the CQMI marriage agency in Ukraine. Jean has long been reluctant to sign up and it took him some time to tame the IT tools needed to communicate with young women in Ukraine: Skype and Google Translator. We can even say that his Skype communications with Irina prompted him to make the jump, by registering for the summer 2016 romantic trip in Ukraine. Like Serge Marcel, Sylvain or Gaston, his courage was rewarded. By acting prudently, Jean succeeded in his way and his approach has much to tell us.

It is recommended to communicate through Skype with the Ukrainian ladies before traveling to Ukraine

Jean explains that this precaution will allow you to go much faster in the thick of it with your corresponding Ukrainian when you meet her in person. This method is also an effective anti-stress to lessen the shock of the first meeting! Indeed, you have already broken the ice with Skype.

Using his assistant at all times for your financial security and for coaching after every romantic encounter

Kamilla the trained psychologist and assistant of Jean, showed remarkable intelligence when one of the women he met suggested to shop for her son. This is proof that the assistant is not only the key to success but the key to protecting your wallet in Ukraine. Kamilla has demonstrated tact and psychology as she is herself a woman, at your service. In this situation she has preserved the integrity of Jean and all its luster preventing the Ukrainian girl to impose a purchase against nature. Note that this woman was from Kiev partner agency with whom the CQMI dating agency no longer works.

The hotel rather than the flat for better communication during your stay in Ukraine

Another aspect that Jean pointed out, along with other clients, is the lack of communication caused by the dispersion of clients in apartments in downtown Kiev. Jean complains that it is difficult to meet with Antoine Monnier, the director of the agency as well as other clients participating into the romantic trip. The journey is more interesting when men customers have the opportunity to exchange about their experiences with Ukrainian women and receive coaching with CQMI executives like Borislava, Tatiana or Antoine. Hence the decision to bring all customers in the same hotel the next trip to Ukraine.

The difficult management of girls who come from remote areas in Ukraine

Another point that John brought to our attention is the management of women who come from distant cities in Ukraine for a single appointment that sometimes lasts no more than an hour. Is it not a lack of respect for the young Slavic bride to make her come all this way to a simple meeting even if you pay a train ticket?

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