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Coaching with CQMI before the first date with your future wife from Ukraine

11 September 2015

Do you want to have serious and meaningful dates with beautiful Ukrainian women? Thanks to the CQMI, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to meet a Ukrainian woman, find a Ukrainian spouse, and build a family with a Ukrainian woman.

  • Feminity is in the nature of Ukrainian women

Social pression in Eastern Europe, where being married is a sign of seriousness and social success, pushes women to marry very early to build a family. They have good education, they are intelligent and good conversation companions. The most important thing is that Ukrainian women are serious and ready to engage. Family remains a priority for them. A Ukrainian woman neither fights for gender equality nor scolds the man as he opens the door for her or pays for two in a restaurant. She’s not a feminist, and she puts her heart into the relationship with the man she loves. That’s why men feel like real men by the side of these gorgeous Ukrainian women. The women in turn become more feminine, elegant, charming and attractive. It’s in their nature!

  • The CQMI’s process of looking for a Ukrainian woman

Every Ukrainian lady member you can find in the CQMI’s database is looking for a serious Canadian man and ready to come to live in Canada once she finds a husband for her. These women want to find true love and honest men who will appreciate their family values. These serious women want to have children from the men they love and to achieve family harmony.

When you are looking at the profiles of Ukrainian girls (members of three agencies that are our partners) on our site, do not forget to carefully read their personal data. The key information about every Slavic woman, such as spoken languages, educational level, profession, hobbies, and, especially, what the lady looks for in a man, is often shown in the lady’s personal data.

The next step is virtual correspondence with Ukrainian women you have chosen. It’s a very important step that gives you an opportunity to get to know better the person you love. You should not forget that to know each other’s expectations is the base of your future serious relationship. Ask yourself what you expect from your Slavic woman and try to find out what she expects from you. Have a long conversation with her to know whether you have common ambitions and objectives in life.

  • Coaching focused on cultural differences between you and your lady from Ukraine

Before your trip to Ukraine, the CQMI invites you to do a 2-hours coaching course focused on cultural concepts and cultural differences between Canadian men and women from Eastern Europe. The coaching takes place in our offices in Montreal and is included in your package.

We want indeed to help you avoid mistakes during your first trip to Ukraine and make this journey successful! The purpose of this coaching is to facilitate the process of dating beautiful women from Eastern Europe and make it more efficient.

We believe strongly in you, dear gentlemen, and thanks to these new tools we’ll  reach your goal : Find love!

Register right now and we will call you to schedule a free initial meeting.

Thanks to the CQMI, your woman from Ukraine has become nearer than ever!



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