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In contrast to the strong feminist women, we often hear in the media and in Western society that Slavic women are submissive women. Keeping a traditional view of gender roles in the modern couple, the Russian woman is actually more subtle and intelligent that feminist beast and evil that turns its ideology doctrine. Indeed, Elena wants to make a man happy to give more chances to achieve his own happiness in the family.

1. The beginnings of feminism in the early 20th century

To give our answer to the question it is important to understand this contrast in style between the feminist and the Slavic woman.
In the early 20th century, the first wave of feminism began rightly. Indeed, women have rebelled for the right to vote, the right to work, or more simply the right to open a bank account.
This first wave of feminism was fully justified and normal. Epitomized by Thérèse Casgrain in Quebec, women's liberation movements were completely justified.

2. Feminism running out of steam in the early 21th century

Having been successful for most of their claims, it is clear that the third wave of feminism in the early 21st century, is hardly justified.
This article sums up the situation:http://www.mccord-museum.qc.ca/scripts/explore.php?Lang=1&elementid=104__true&tableid=11&contentlong


3. Birth of Masculinism with Yvon Dallaire

Feminists of today have become insatiable in their demands and they eventually put men in the closet. Quebec Justice forces the men to pay pensions and considerable sums in the event of divorce. The balance is reversed, it is men who suffer and are rebelling. Yvon Dallaire creating the concept of Masculinism argues that feminist women have gone too far and that their liberation movement turned into doctrine.

4. Opposition of style between the Russian woman and the hard-feminist.

By refusing to adhere to some hateful ideas of the third wave of feminism, the Slavic women are considered as submissive by their western pairs. Softer and intelligent, the Russian women have taken advantage of their advanced conditions due to the first wave of feminism while preserving the traditional view of the couple.

5. The couple with men separate women's roles

Ukrainian submissive woman, one who wants to pursue his man and make him happy as Elena says, understands the importance of the couple. Family is the fortress that makes us happy, that increases our life expectancy. Within the couple with a Russian woman, the man and woman have their role to play. Man feels in harmony with his biological condition. While feminist continues to live alone or with a submissive man unhappy ...

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