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Ruslana comments on her Dates in Kiev with CQMI clients

In Russian with English subtitle (YouTube)

Ruslana is a Ukrainian girl reserved and shy but of great beauty. She talks about her work and the man she would like to meet. The end of the discussion concerns the preliminary discussion by Skype. In her case, she prefers that the discussion does not go beyond a meeting by Skype because she does not feel comfortable enough in English to be able to support a complex conversation. Even though Skype Translator can solve some language barriers, she prefers the tactile communication of the encounter in Kiev.

Profile of Ruslana, 29 years old from Kiev city in Ukraine

At 29, Ruslana is rather a calm, kind and joyful girl who is rather flexible in character, that is to say, able to compromise in a couple relationship. Ruslana has a consistent life experience and she always tries to look forward to believing in a radiant future. She enrolled in the dating agency CQMI to meet a serious man who knows what the family means and who knows what he wants in his life. Ideally, he will be able to provide for the needs of his family and the children of the relationship.

Difference of mentality between a Ukrainian girl and a foreign man

Ruslana believes that differences are primarily dependent on people and not on cultural differences. For example, she likes to compare her own childhood with that of the man she meets. She tries to find out what things are interesting for both people and see what can unite them in a couple project. Traditions per se are not an obstacle even if they are different.

If you meet a man who already has children?

Sometimes Ruslana says that it would not be a problem even if she would ideally prefer to found a family in which the man and the woman would have their first children.

Skype communication with a man (before the trip to Ukraine)

Ruslana explains that she has time to write and communicate even though she is currently experiencing an intense period in her work. If she feels that she is very interested in the man she meets she will be ready to put all other business aside. Indeed, the family passes first for Ruslana. In a specific case with a CQMI client, Ruslana admits to having little communication with him, with a single Skype meeting before the actual meeting.

After a little hesitation Ruslana explains that the English level of the man with whom she communicated was much more advanced than hers, which made understanding difficult for her. Therefore the role of the assistant CQMI becomes so important.

The question is whether to make several encounters by Skype to decide whether the meeting in real will be promising or not. Indeed, some CQMI members are not very motivated by the prospect of making long periods of communication at a distance before the meeting in Kiev, especially when their level in English does not allow it.

Moreover, the encounter in real allows to feel the person at the tactile level and to look in the eyes.