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Should you Skype or make only real encounters in Kiev: the results are not so surprising

29 July 2016

In our July romantic tour group in Kiev, we have all kinds of clients from different backgrounds and with different behaviors. Some have been in communication with their Ukrainian women for several months while others have voluntarily decided not to do any virtual communication and wait for the actual meeting in Kiev. After one week, given the results, lets discuss what is the best strategy. The answer? It's all in the mix. One and the other are important but with weighting.

The strengths and weaknesses of Skype

Skype is a wonderful tool for those who will use it with tact and discretion. We talked about it many times, it is strongly advised not to fall in love with virtually Skype. However, Skype will help you quickly refine your meeting plan by eliminating some Ukrainian ladies who clearly do not correspond with your vision of the woman of your dreams. For those who know how to use Skype (and we have several CQMI clients in our group tour in July) the results are there. Men who have been able to weight remotely the potential of their Ukrainian partners gain valuable time at the effectiveness of their meetings. There is no need to make tons of meeting because the chosen women are already serious candidates for our client. The investing research time gives fruit.

In summary for those who know how to use Skype intelligently, this is a valuable asset. The preparation work is highly effective for some clients who may in the space of a few days realized their choice. By cons it is very rare that your first choice with Skype is confirmed during the actual meeting, thence Skype might be a trap.

The strengths and weaknesses of the actual meeting in Kiev without preparation

In fact, the first choice in your Skype communications rarely converts into your first choice when you have the actual meeting. Skype is an indicator; it gives you a direction to follow. Only the real meeting is significant. This is when you will arrive in Kiev in Ukraine that your decision will be reliable. However, we realized that men who do not prepare the ground quickly get lost in endless meetings based on photos and text (profiles) that can only give a very vague idea of ​​the real person.

Whoever does not prepare his travel and meetings is less effective than the one who made a wise selection with Skype. However, the one who makes a meeting without preparation eliminates the imaginary part of the profiles of Ukrainian women. He arrives at a meeting without preconceived ideas about the woman he is going to meet and so he is ready to have some surprises, which can be rewarded.

The mix of Skype and real meetings in Kiev is a perfect dosage

We have a client who perfectly managed his romantic tour in Ukraine. He perfectly chose three of his Ukrainian date meetings using Skype and he has left the door open for a few surprises meetings unprepared. This is the perfect dosage that gives amazing results. Our client is not lost in endless meetings and remain efficient and focused on a limited number of Ukrainian women.

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