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Day 3 and 4 - CQMI Romance tour October 2016


After the evening meeting with your assistant, the first week in Ukraine is an intense week that requires impeccable organization to coordinate more than 70 meetings in different locations in and around the hotel. All women in Ukraine do not live necessarily in Kiev. It is therefore necessary to book their hotel room and plan romantic meetings with bus or train. In addition, each man is eager to know the opinion of women about them following meetings. Days 3 and 4 which correspond to Sunday and Monday, we present images of everyday life and the lobby which is transformed into general district on Monday morning. Men come down from their room to talk to us, ask questions and receive coaching for next meetings.

The impatience to know the opinion of a woman after the meeting

One of the first concerns for a man is to receive a report of his meeting, especially when the woman pleased him. It is our role to inform you if there will be a next meeting or not. The CQMI dating agency accompanies you on your journey and we are present every day to answer questions and coach you with your meetings. Do you know any other dating agencies who invest so much energy ? Another aspect we noticed is that men are sometimes more interested in knowing the opinion of women about them rather than what they thought of the meeting. Excessive assistance can sometimes hurt you in the direction of excess coaching that leads some men to forget their basic obligations, such as to communicate directly with the woman they like!

supermodel type of women are the most popular and therefore more demanding

Do not be naive, it's not because you will travel to Ukraine that the mannequins will suddenly jump into your neck. You have some efforts to do. The most beautiful Ukrainian women can easily meet several men and are thus necessarily are more selective. They are sometimes listed on several dating sites. They have more experience than you and they know very clearly what they want.

The area around the hotel

Some customers sometimes ask me what it's like suburban life and apartments around Kiev. This video allows you to see our morning neighborhood with old Lada cars covered with fallen autumnal leaves. The population lives in apartments. However, we must not misinterpret the external obsolescence with the interior comfort of apartments. Family life is solid and warm in Ukraine.


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