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Romance tour in Ukraine in July Romance tour in Ukraine in July Matchmaking agency CQMI

Romance tour in Ukraine in Kiev in July with CQMI

02 July 2016

In 3 weeks we will accompany a dozen customers for our first group trip in Ukraine. At the request of several customers I give you the important last minute details for a perfect trip and successful meetings in Ukraine with CQMI dating agency.

Airline tickets to Ukraine

The first step obviously is to buy your plane ticket to Kiev. In the high season and we had to pay an average of $ 1.500 CAD per person starting with Air France. Air France is by far the most comfortable option to travel in Ukraine. You are free to buy your ticket with your travel agent or with our travel partner Avia Voyages giving good service and above all excellent prices.

The appartement in Kiev

The second step is to rent an apartment in Kiev with our partner. As I have already told several clients, renting their apartment downtown has several advantages. You will be near the dating agency for appointment and the director of the agency will give you better service. Our partner offers apartments at prices ranging from 70 to 110 $ CAD per day. Once your ticket purchased I will propose different lodging options. The apartments all offer air conditioning, TV (TV5), high-speed internet, kitchen, living room, comfortable bed, washing machine. If you feel like you can invite your Ukrainian bride for dinner at candle, it will be a perfect option.

The organization of meetings with Ukrainian ladies

About 2 weeks before departure you will indicate to us your preferred choice for meeting. But remember that only by true events are significant. Communication with Skype does not mean much. You do not fall in love with a profile! Once we receive your list we will prepare meetings by calling with member of CQMI dating agency or our partner in Kiev. You will receive before your arrival a meeting schedule.

Meet your translator assistant, arriving in Kiev

The day of your arrival to Kiev you will get to know your French-Russian assistant who will help you quickly adapt to working life of Kiev. This assistant will accompany you during your meetings if you wish. We have emphasized repeatedly the importance to be accompanied by this female ally for your meetings. Indeed, time management is a critical element of success when traveling in Ukraine. Also remember that you will pay train tickets for Slavic ladies who travel from remote cities in Ukraine (Odessa, Kherson, Nikolaev, Lviv).

Discover Ukraine with your Ukrainian woman

Soon you will be seduced by one of the Ukrainian bride that you will meet, so you can either stay in Kiev with her or even go and discover her city by traveling by train. This is what Michael did in April.

 The issue of money in Ukraine

How much money should I bring and what method of payment? The best option by far is to travel with US dollars (US $) which you can change at any street corner. I recommend the amount of US $ 500 a week should be enough for your meetings and various local spending. VISA is also an option but beware of banks that charge significant exchange rate.

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