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Elmira is a Russian sociologist living in Samara (EN subtitles)

Interview in Russian with English subtitles

Elmira is a beautiful Russian lady well-cultivated, tender and charming, working as a sociologist in the city of Samara on the border of Volga river. Take time to discover and appreciate her traditional values ​​and emotional intelligence as a Russian woman from Samara.

Elmira is looking for a gentle man in Europe

The most important thing for Elmira is that the man she chooses for her marriage is kind and gentle and she does not consider these words lightly. In relations between a woman and a man she explains that it is necessary to create a small world of kindness between the two people otherwise it is not worth starting a relationship. The family is a place of security and protection. The man must have initiative, as in a traditional world in which this Russian woman of Samara was raised. We can remember the words from Jana who said approximately the same about roles in a family.

In Samara, Russian women are beautiful and they appreciate a strong man who knows what he wants to do with his life. A man who has plans that are not infantile.

The father is the guardian of security in family

Elmira explains that her husband will have to protect her and protect her family and future children, and this is the role of every good father, she explains.

In return the well-bred traditional Russian woman must inspire her husband and create the family unit. She must be beautiful, well dressed, sexy, so that when the man returns home he is in admiration before his beautiful Russian wife.

If I love a man from Canada it will be Canada. I would like him to be a man who loves his children. Family relationships must be gentle and moving.

In the encounter process of Russian woman, communication by letter serves to clarify the looks on the life of each one, then comes the true encounter between the foreign man who comes to Samara and the Russian woman who awaits him. And everything can happen!

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