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Anastasya, Ukrainian girl spent 3 months internship in US

Interview in English

Anastasia is 24 years old, she is very young and pretty, born in Ukraine. She speaks English perfectly and works in accounting in a large agricultural group in Kiev, Ukraine. She is looking for a serious man who will convince her for the wedding. Attention, serious relationship only! Her mother is watching…

As is the case for most our members in Russia and Ukraine, very young women are perfectly at ease in English and have a very good command of the English language.

This is the case of Anastasia who has already lived in the United States. Anastasia dreams of returning one day to the American continent.

It is also noted that her level of education is very high, which is the case for most women in Russia and Ukraine. Remember that literacy rates are higher all over the countries of the former Soviet Union than in Western countries.

Anastasya is very emotional and shy, she came to the interview with her mom! Indeed, towards the end of the video session, she introduced her mom who drank a tea on a table near ours.

This further reinforces the differences in mentality between women in Ukraine and Western women. For these women of the Eastern countries, marriage is a serious institution!

Anastasia, a Ukrainian lady from Ukraine Languages ​​spoken-3088Anastasia, a Ukrainian lady from Ukraine Languages ​​Profile Number-3088