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You are ready for the romance trip to Ukraine to meet these beautiful single Ukrainian brides? Then it's time to prepare yourself mentally and think seriously about the criteria that are important to you. How do you imagine your future spouse? Forget your disappointing past experiences with Quebec or French women and think about the future. Have confidence in your chances of success to meet true love but do not forget to follow the advices given by our dating marriage agency. Finally, avoid the mistake of confusing a tourist trip and a romance tour because you will not put your energy in the right place, i.e. towards your ultimate goal of finding a Slavic bride to start a family.

1. Forget your past experiences with Quebec or French women

It is strongly recommended not to mention your previous experiences with women, whether successes or failures. Nobody cares! Some men think they might impress a woman speaking of their past exploits. If you explain to a woman you've had several relationships with top models in the past, tell yourself that it will only hurt you and demonstrate your insecurity. Similarly, if you had big sentimental failures, try to leave them behind you and go on a new basis. The mentality of the Slavic women has nothing in common with Western feminist mentality. The vast majority of these women do intend to harm you but simply to put you at ease to get to know you on a first date. In summary, go to Ukraine with a new and open heart!

2. Be confident that your romance tour to Ukraine will be successful!

We have already mentioned about it in Michel’s video, you must believe in your chances of success to actually succeed. Self-confidence is working when you raise it every day a little bit. Look for the positive aspects of your virtual meetings through Skype with Ukrainian women you know already. Positive thinking brings positive results. Think negative and you’ll get negative results. Remember that the odds are on your side. In Ukraine the serious deficit of men forces women to struggle to find a serious man. The requirements are not as high as in Quebec or France. Moreover, you decided to make a great journey into the unknown, which demonstrates your motivation and your courage. Ukrainian women are not insensitive to that.

3. Follow our seduction tips and our instructions!

Some men tend to do according to their own idea. You have invested so much money in this romance tour in Kiev. It would be a shame to lose all the fruits of your efforts because you underestimated the importance of cultural differences in dating with Slavic Eastern brides. You have the chance to enjoy the experience of CQMI staff so why deprive yourself? Be careful, sometimes we might give you tips you may like less. It is not always pleasant to change your habits!

4. Do not confuse a romance tour in Kiev and a tourist trip to Ukraine.

Please note, remember this anecdote with one of our client, the customer explains that he came to Kiev to discover the culture and the Slavic mentality. Your visit is not a sightseeing trip but a visit to Ukraine to meet your future wife with whom you will build a serious and lasting relationship. Do not miss your target by scattering your efforts in different directions unnecessarily.

5. Make a mental preparation before the romance tour to Ukraine!

Who is your future Ukrainian spouse? How is she? What is her nature? What are her primary qualities? Have you asked yourself a few questions? Preparing your trip to Ukraine is fundamental to the success of your project to find love. Do not arrive in Ukraine with all the accumulated fatigue of your work. Be well rested, motivated and cheerful. The success depends on it. In the end, Love is the most important.




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