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Single Ukrainian woman without a child: Elena 35 yo looking for a serious man

Interview in English

In this video, you will be able to discover the beauty and beautiful personality of Elena, a Ukrainian girl of 35 years without children and looking for a serious relationship leading to Marriage. She recently registered with our partner of Kiev specialized in international meetings in Ukraine. By analyzing her answers in detail, you will get answers to the questions you have about Ukrainian women, especially the desire to immigrate to Canada ...

Elena as the vast majority of young women in Ukraine knows how to speak English

And she does well as you can hear, which will facilitate her adjustment period if she moves to Canada. This Slavic woman works in the field of the Web. It is important to consider the fact that your future wife especially if she is young as Elena will look to work in Canada or in France. The aspect of the integration of women from Eastern Europe is an issue to be taken into account.

Elena also talks about her models of successful couples, including the example of her brother who successfully married and lives happily with his wife and children.

She explains this saying known in France as well as in Ukraine: "The two shoes make the pair". It means that man and woman live in complementarity with one another. And not in opposition as we can see in some Western countries. It reminds us of the traditional values ​​of Slavic women. Elena goes even further, explaining that when she finds her man, she will not be able to live without him.

If you are a man looking for his wife from Eastern Europe, to get a solid relationship and a marriage, why not get in touch with our adherent Elena who has no children.

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