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Luc and Valeria: an international relationship in Montreal (Interview with EN subtitles)

Interview in FR with EN subtitles

Luc and Valeria form a couple between a Quebec man and a Slavic woman from Moldova next to Ukraine. They came to the office of the international CQMI dating agency to tell us their love story. This Franco-Slavic couple convinced us that true feelings have no boundaries and no cultural differences.

Luc loves his Slavic wife, she is beautiful, "Cupid hit us simultaneously," he said.

This Moldavian woman is very courageous to have been able to leave her country. The women of Eastern Europe are very well cared for and will be beautiful at all hours of the day, explains Luc.

"We women with Slavic root, know we are beautiful, we accept ourselves as a woman, femininity is not perceived the same way in our Slavic countries, in Eastern Europe" intervenes in turn Valeria.

"From a physical point of view, the legendary beauty of Slavic women can be explained by the mixture of nationalities. Valeria has eight different nationalities in her blood, which results in a physical appearance that I like very much," said Luc.

The women of the former Soviet Union are attached to the family traditions, indeed in the Slav countries the history goes back much further than in our countries in America. These traditions are implanted in our family unit, explains Luc.

Indeed, Valeria communicates with her parents in Moldova every day.

A Moldovan woman who integrates with Quebec

In Quebec, Valeria can enjoy both its Slavic culture and Québec culture. It is very pleasant for Luke to be able to share his cultural references with his Slavic wife, for example the Russian national cuisine is delicious, not to mention similarities in the sense of humor. What we call roller coasters in Quebec is called the American mountains in Russia and the countries of Eastern Europe.

It is important for this Franco-Slavic multi-cultural couple made up of a man from Quebec and a Slavic woman that their children speak both French and Russian.

Valeria learned French very quickly. She is a very active Slavic woman who won a prize in accounting, it is an integration in Quebec very successful!

Luc and Valeria: a couple without borders

Luc traveled to the countries of Eastern Europe in Moldova and he was pleasantly surprised at the quality of the restaurants and food, the wine and the traditional Slavic dishes. At no time did Luke feel at risk in Eastern Europe.