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Interview with Maria : Love has no border

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Slavic women - who are they? Are there borders between our countries ? Of course the answer is yes. Are there any borders for love ? Maria thinks not. We met her in December 2014 in Kiev, capital of Ukraine. A very sunny and positive person, she gave us a charge of her energy! Let's listen to what she told about male and female roles in a family.

Maria is a young Ukrainian woman sporty, full of energy! She wants to have more children.

This young Slavic woman considers herself sincere, faithful and even radiant like the sun. She talks about her family values ​​and her vision of the family. For Maria there are borders between countries but there are no boundaries between the hearts.

Maria is an active Slavic woman. She did acrobatic aerial dance and showed us photographs of her aerial dance. She dreams of meeting a responsible and kind man to found a happy and solid family with love and understanding. Maria has a son and she would like to have a daughter.
A true couple in the sense of the Slavic traditions, must support each other and help one another. It is important to reach a compromise in the couple and it does not mean russian women are submissive. The smile helps us get through the hardships of life. In the man-woman relationship, for Maria the most important is conversation.
The family is composed of a man and a woman who each have different roles. Man must nourish the family and protect it, it feeds food like a hunter. The woman takes care of the house, children, and fire inside the house in the traditional sense. There are sometimes conflicts between men and women.

According to this Russian proverb, Maria quoted us: "There are borders between countries but there are no boundaries between the hearts."

If the man of Canada or of France or elsewhere truly believes and they have a strong feeling in love, then the rest is not a problem. When two people really love each other then the distances fade into the relationship.

Profile of maria a young Ukrainian woman full of life and sun

The interview in English with subtitles in French.
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