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Why choose a Slavic woman?  What is the mission of the CQMI? And, finally, how do you make yourself happy? The manager of the agency CQMI, Antoine Monnier, answers all these questions. Our dating agency services are aimed at unmarried men who seek to establish a serious and lasting relation based on the traditional values ​​of the couple and family. Why seeking a woman in one of the countries of Eastern Europe? Everything is based on the principle of supply and demand, for a man who seeks a spouse who meets his physical criteria, there are many more demands from men than from women in our Western countries:  Europe and Canada.

In the countries of Eastern Europe, Ukraine, Russia, Kazakhstan, the situation is reversed

There are statistics of eight single women available for a man who enroll in dating agencies or Marriage agencies in Ukraine or Russia. in Canada there are more men than women !

In the CQMI dating agency we have an obligation to provide our male customers with a large number of profiles of beautiful Slavic women, from Russia or other countries of the former Soviet Union. When a man has the choice of several Slavic women who correspond to him physically and visually, one has the real possibility of meeting several women who will correspond to him on the human aspect. And that's what's happening with our customers.

Women in Eastern European countries are very attached to the traditional values ​​of the couple and the family.

These Russian or Ukrainian women put the family at the forefront of their professional careers. It is also the opportunity and the opportunity for our men to open up to new cultural horizons that can be translated in all their forms at the level of the traditions, the local kitchens but also for the children who will be born of the unions of the couples Canadian-Slavs between Canadian men and Russian or Ukrainian women or Kazakhs. These children will thus be able to speak several languages.

Feminity as a model

Moreover, and to conclude, the Slavic women of the countries of Eastern Europe have erected femininity as a model and not as a quality or characteristic to be hidden. Slavic women go very far in the field of femininity, which is expressed in their dress, through heels, colored nails. It is indeed very attractive for a man to see a Russian woman in all the splendor of his femininity.

Welcome to our international dating agency with the Slavic countries.

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