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Odessa Capital for Scammers in dating in Ukraine

Interview in French (English subtitled)

In this video, we show you the beautiful city of Odessa in Ukraine which is also the capital for scammers in the dating business. Odessa which is located on the shore of the Black Sea is known for its maritime side with sailors who circulate in the streets of the old city. In October 2015, we met the partner who registers women and superb girls from Odessa whose practices are dubious and following our visit we decided to cease our partnership with them. Antoine tells you about the practices of some dishonest online dating sites that make you think that women of top-model type are interested in you.

Odessa, by the Black Sea

Beautiful shots of Odessa. For my first visit in this seaport I felt a sense of comfort as if I were somewhere in a warm place reminiscent of childhood, with accents of France. Odessa is a cozy city whose architecture recalls the buildings of the former capital of St. Petersburg in Russia. The hotels are luxurious, with dreamy restaurants, delicious cuisine and a strong contingent of tourists of all kinds of origin, in short an international city.

Unfortunately, Odessa is also known for its darker side, that of the big banditry, the mafia and the dark and doubtful traffics and a fortiori with the events in Ukraine of 2014. Indeed, the international marriage agencies more or less doubtful Bloom in the city center. It attracts male and female customers from Europe and the United States to meet beautiful and pretty young girls from Odessa who speak English and who have mastered the art of robbing their naive victims.

Following our visit, we decided not to continue our partnership with this online dating site that scam men who want to marry serious women Slavs and not women of Odessa chosen for their beauty and destined to seduce men.

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