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Julia Sportive Ukrainian woman looking for marriage

Interview in English

Julia was disappointed with her previous marriage, because the Ukrainian men are not serious, she explained to us in this interview in Kiev. She is looking for a reliable man who is independent and mature, which is why she prefers men older than her.

As a rule, women in Ukraine and Russia prefer older men it is a question of maturity.

If you listen attentively to this video, you will discover Julia, who is 29 years old and she is very sporty and dynamic and looking for a man who is so too. She cannot stand laziness and inaction, she wants it to move. She does sports in the morning and evening. You'll have to run fast to catch up with Julia.

Julia loves America and Canada.

Indeed, she would love to live there. She has an online store selling sports articles on the internet and she would like her husband to support her in this activity. She is expecting a serious man to marry her and she would like to have a child. Young women in Ukraine prefer a child rather than two or three. They understand the issues and invest a lot of time in education.

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