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Zhanna the Ukrainian Gipsy Princess

Interview in Russian with french subtitles

Janna or Zhanna or Belajanna is 48 and she has the body of a 20 years old woman. She lives in Poltava in Ukraine and she is a professional seamstress like her grandmother before her. She made special orders for sewing as men's clothes that women's clothes. Rarely we have presented such a beautiful woman both mysterious and captivating, intelligent and intriguing in CQMI international dating agency. Could it be that this beautiful mature woman has the Gypsy blood in her veins?

Zhanna’s profile, Gypsy Princess

Gypsy's origins in Ukraine

As some scientists believe, the beauty of women from Eastern Europe is explained by the mixing of races. The exceptional beauty of Janna is rooted in her Gypsies origin. Janna explains that every woman would like to feel like a princess alongside a man who appreciates the attentions of his Ukrainian wife. In Ukraine, unfortunately, men are less attentive to their wives. There is a lack of recognition.

Immigration and adaptation to a new country

Of course, it will be difficult to leave her son, her daughter’s in law with whom she is bound, her mother and brother, but Zhanna think she will not really have time to get bored with the multitude of tasks awaiting a new immigrant. Learning the French language is not a problem, she prefers French over English language. Also she wants to devote herself to her husband.

Sport and active lifestyles for muscle tone

Zhanna cannot imagine life without sport or she will fall into depression. It is very important for her to have an active lifestyle and going to the gym every day. Cycling, it's not for us, because our roads are not in a state that allow bicycle traffic.


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