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Oksana is a very educated Ukrainian woman. She is also simple and not complicated. She is a university professor in Kiev in the economic field. She is willing to compromise in the choice of her relationship because of her life experience. She seeks a man like her, who is sincere and honest with good traditional values. Oksana is looking for Love!

Oksana has a 4-year-old daughter with whom she lives alone in her apartment. Oksana is a Slavic woman both shy and reserved who objectively lacks of trust in her. Moreover, because of her high education, she understands the economic stakes of her country and the international economic situation, especially in the context of international marriage. Oksana explained to me the implications of the economic crisis in China for the rest of the world economy. We also discussed the influence of the decrease of the local currency the Hryvnia on the Ukrainian economy.

It can also be noted that the quality of her photos is pretty flattering compared to her real image. In some cases, women are more beautiful than their pictures and in other situations, the reverse. The use of Photoshop can sometimes mislead us on our choices.

Profile of Oksana, young woman from Ukraine professor at the university in Economics


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