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The Ukrainian Festival of Montreal - September 9, 2017


The Ukrainian community in Canada is very important as it represents about 4% of the Canadian population with 1.4 million Canadians of Ukrainian origin. It is sometimes referred to as the Ukrainian Diaspora because Canadian politics is still close to Ukraine. In other words, Ukrainians are not only present in Canada, they have their say. As proof, the visit of the Mayor of Montreal, Denis Coderre, a few minutes before the Ukrainian Fashion Show. The Ukrainian festival is a free annual event for lovers of Ukrainian culture. We went with the family and were very surprised to meet ... couples we created without knowing it!

Visit of the Mayor of Montreal to the Ukrainian Festival of Montreal

When you are a mayor in the pre-election period, it is important not to forget the ethnic communities that inhabit the greater metropolitan area of ​​Montreal. Indeed, the Ukrainian diaspora is powerful and influential in Canada. Ukrainian immigration to Canada began in 1892 with Iwan Pylypow and Wasyl Eleniak who created the Edna Star settlement. Ukrainians from the west and from the Lviv or Lviv region, which have a rural and agricultural tradition, have begun to immigrate to Western Canada and the Prairies. In western Canada, in the Winnipeg area, there are whole cities made up of Ukrainians to the point where they have created a language: Ukrainian Canadian.

In the political sphere, Ukrainian-Canadians are considered to be at the origin of Canadian socialism. Canada has always been a loyal ally of Ukraine and its people, especially during the Orange Revolution in 2004.

Fashion Show by Ukrainian designers in Canada

What a beautiful spectacle to contemplate the Ukrainian mannequins wearing the clothes of the Ukrainian designers. Vita Nikitenko, Ryabokon, Etnodim, Ulianka, brands proposed by the company: From Ukraine With Love. You will also see genuine Ukrainian costumes from the private collection of Ludmyla Datsenko.

Enjoy these beautiful Ukrainian girls parading on stage at Beaubien Park in Montreal. Website of the Ukrainian festival.

Meetings with Canadian-Ukrainian couples created by the CQMI Agency

We were very surprised to meet on the festival of the couples that we formed, without even knowing that they were in couple. It was a bit of a bitter surprise because we normally expect to be informed about developments in a relationship. They explained that they prefer discretion and that was the reason for their silence.


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