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Mature Asian woman looking for a man abroad

Elena is a beautiful Asian woman of 49 years old who seeks a serious man abroad. The economic situation in her country as well as Ukrainian culture, no longer meet… Hits 9160 times

Differences in Mentality between a Russian Woman and an Ukrainian Woman

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The Most beautiful women of Poltava are now at CQMI Matchmaking agency

The most beautiful women in the world are no longer in Samara but in Poltava in Ukraine, some 3 hour bus or train ride east of Kiev. In this video… Hits 6528 times

Russian Woman In Montreal

Victoria is a beautiful young Russian woman who speaks French and English and lives in Montreal, Canada. Born in Ukraine in the city of Lvov, west of Kiev, her father… Hits 4648 times

Is the Russian woman submissive ?

In contrast to the strong feminist women, we often hear in the media and in Western society that Slavic women are submissive women. Keeping a traditional view of gender roles… Hits 4439 times

Love and Wedding for Borislava and Antoine

What is the definition of love? Find love, looking for love, give love, love, all this is combined in our lives but who really knows what is the meaning of… Hits 4005 times

Kristina from Crimea a young Ukrainian girl with perfect english

Kristina is a 26 years old Ukrainian girl who comes from Crimea in southern Ukraine on the shores of the Black Sea. Kristina is presently working as a hostess on… Hits 3737 times

5 tips before your romance tour to Ukraine

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Marina pure Ukrainian beauty from Poltava

Marina is a young Ukrainian girl of great physical beauty who was born in Poltava and works as a saleswoman in a clothing store for women in Poltava. Marina is… Hits 2769 times

Is your salary a success factor to seduce a Ukrainian girl ?

This video will surprise more than one of you with nice anecdotes on the menu. We have noticed that our clients tend to associate money with a Slavic woman, Russian… Hits 2645 times